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What People Say About Art and Inspiration

"I'm an actor; what do I know or care about jewelry? But surprise! The photos in this book unexpectedly dazzled me. And when I read about the woman who designed them, I was beguiled even more. Souther is blessed with being able to fly in her dreams: a rare gift from God, which I'm sure will continue through her life. Buy this odd and fascinating book!"

Orson Bean, Film, television and Broadway actor

"Reading Art & Inspiration is an immersion into the art, craft and life of the art- ist Souther. The inspiration for each example of her jewelry has a corresponding incidence in her anecdotal biography. The text and illustrations are juxtaposed to aid in our understanding and appreciation of her art, craft and life. Read any page at any time and be yourself inspired."

Ray Campeau, art instructor, owner and director of the Butte Phoenix art gallery

"In this unflinchingly honest, sometimes poetic, always perceptive memoir, we are privileged to see how an artist's life informs her art and, in turn, how her art informs her life. With Souther we travel a circuitous route full of twists and turns and tangles that lead to unexpected places and unforeseen events. It is an unorthodox journey, that is reflected in the eclectic choices of color, material and technique by which inspiration becomes art."

Linda Peavy and Ursula Smith, Co-authors of: Pioneer Women, Women Who Change Things and Dreams into Beaders

"When Souther first contacted me about her eye disease and her work as a bead artist I was curious; what did she have in mind when she said she wanted to create a lasting legacy of her beadwork and raise money for Discovery Eye Foundation AMD research? This book is a true tribute to vision, from the photographs of her beautiful beaded designs, to the pictures she paints with her personal stories"

Susan Lee DeRemer Vice President of Development The Discovery Eye Foundation