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Souther had the good fortune of spending her early childhood at Minnesota Summerhill, a progressive school at Lake Minnetonka modeled on the famed British school built on the idea that children learn best when they are free from coercion. Her schooling came from a scholarship from the actor Orson Bean. Her mother, who suffered from bipolar disorder, would never have had the where-with-all to pay tuition, but she did want her daughter to grow and explore the world at her own pace.

Summerhill ended when her mother remarried and the family moved to Montana. Her little sister and best friend, Sharlane Adair, turned their days into stories. Together they took swimming lessons, rode their ponies and played with the new baby, Sarah. When Sharlane died suddenly at the age of 7, their mother's child-rearing philosophy of "feed 'em and leave 'em alone," turned to being pro-actively protective. By the time Souther turned 12, she was making her own clothes and was a fine cook. By age 14, she was hitchhiking across the country.

Charging through life at Break - neck speed, she worked various jobs, became a life model, married, and returned with her husband to Montana. By the time her first marriage ended, she knew she wanted to have a university degree.

She was accepted into the school of architecture at the University of Oregon in Eugene, had her son David, married his father and returned to Montana to work. In addition to her career as an artist, she is a consulting architect.

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