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Author: Souther


Photographer: Linda Griffith

Illustrator: Souther


Beadacious! is filled with many beautiful ornament cover patterns—suitable for any occasion. In addition to general information, the author’s thoughts and observations provide much information and inspiration to the reader. Every pattern is clearly laid out, and the same standards are followed from pattern to pattern. Over 200 illustrations will guide the beader, and enhance the written instructions. Most intermediate and, with a little patience, even novice beaders will find the patterns manageable.
Souther is a diverse artist who enjoys working with beads. After a macular degeneration diagnosis, she was faced with the possibility that she could no longer create all the beaded lovelies she so enjoyed making. That is when she decided to share her designs—in the form of ornament covers. Her first hurdle was that most people associate ornaments with Christmas—Christmas is not her thing. Then she realized that ornament patterns could be for any occasion; Birth, Graduation, Valentines, Spring, Summer—well, you get the idea.
After studying images of greatly magnified snowflakes she developed 5 motifs that would be interchangeable within an ornament pattern thus—Snowflake, with variations, was born.
After Snowflake, she found herself playing with the ways that different bead shapes laid against each other. One idea lead to another, and soon she had lots of patterns to share.

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