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Art & InspirationArt & Inspiration


It seems I'm forever asked where I get my ideas for jewelry and structures. Art & Inspiration, a coffee table memoir, was written to answer that question. Last April, on a three week, 7,500 + mile marketing trip, my collaborative author (who happens to be my mother Diane Elliott, an award winning...

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Art & Inspiration Companion CDArt & Inspiration Companion CD


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Ornaments—Not just for Christmas!
Beadacious! teaches a dozen beadwoven ornament covers suitable for the intermediate to advanced beader. These ornament covers can be used for ANY occasion. Each pattern is clearly laid out, with over 200 illustrations to help guide you. Come break out of the...

Ornament Patterns For All Occasions


These patterns are written with both the novice as well as the expert bead weaver in mind.

Shattering Porcelain ImagesShattering Porcelain Images

Diane Elliott

This chapbook of poems explores what we see or think we know against the reality of exposed truth. September 1, 2014

Songs Of Bernie BjornSongs Of Bernie Bjorn

Diane Elliott

Coming Fall 2016: This collection of poems sings the sixties saga of a liberated woman in fifty points of view. Bernie is the one who asked, "who am I but a reflection in your eye?" This work is dedicated "To every woman who ever looked into the mountain she was told she could not climb, laced up...

When Volcanoes WakeWhen Volcanoes Wake

Diane Elliott

About this book of poetry the author muses, "Our lives begin like volcanoes, gathering heat under earth’s compression. Passion erupts from the magma chamber of our depth. Mid years find us cooling into mature configuration, until at last we reach the golden time of sweet reflection." June 1, 2016

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